Workshop format

Building on the organisation of the successful workshop in 2018, the 2019 half-day ETHICS in AIED: Who Cares? workshop will comprise an introduction and four parts:

Intro:     Welcome and Introduction
We will welcome participants and will briefly summarise the outcomes of the first Ethics in AIED: Who Cares? workshop (held at AIED 2018).

Part 1: ETHICS in AIED: Addressing the Challenges
Round-table small-group discussions, each triggered by an ethics vignette or a provocative statement, and reported back to the main workshop.

Part 2: ETHICS in AIED: Mapping the Landscape
Up to five EC-TEL conference participants to each give a five-minute ‘lightning’ presentation on an ethics in AIED research issue in which they have engaged.

Part 3:   Envisioning ETHICS in AIED 2025
A whole-workshop discussion considering what Ethics in AIED 2025 will look like (what issues need to be overcome, what new ethical issues might arise, which stakeholders need to be involved). The overarching aim will be to identify and propose ethics in AIED policies for the International AIED Society and future EC-TEL conferences to address.